Social Media Event Promotion – Part 1

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Social Media event promotion is not just slapping a few images together with a ticket price and posting it on Facebook every once in awhile. Your event deserves and requires a smart and strategic digital marketing strategy.

You are a savvy business owner, so you need to create a digital strategy that clearly aligns with your event mission, vision and purpose.

Sadly though, my team and I find that more often than not business owners have been mislead by what good social media looks like for their event. More times than I’d like to count I find that most business owners have a puffed up impression of how good their social media engagement really is.

Let’s start with a self review…

Look at your last week of posts on your Facebook business page, personal profile, Instagram profile, YouTube account, Twitter profile.

  • How many likes and comments did you get?
  • Did you respond to the comments within hours or days?
  • How many shares did you get?
  • Is it in the hundreds? Thousands?

Hate to break the news, but if you don’t have a significant number of engaged users, community, tribe, etc than I’m sorry to say that your social is not moving like you think it is.

50 views on a video in 10 months is not good.

0 comments or likes on a Facebook post is not good.

5 comments on Twitter is not good.

10 comments on a Facebook post is not good.

1,000 3 second views on your video is not good.

Any version of the above or similar #’s means that you need to make some positive changes and make them quick! You need to bring in a digital marketing strategist onto your team. Don’t hire someone for $200 and expect magic either. You need to invest in a strong partner who can shake up your social and start making positive changes and positive impact on not only your social, but also on your followers and community. You need to bring in a social partner who understands how events work and what needs to be created to make the needle move.

The last thing you need to be doing when planning your event is to be managing your social on top of everything else.

Over the next few posts, I am going to share how and where to start with your social media specifically around your event.

Let’s start from the very beginning….

Step 1 – Hire a Digital/Social Team

Some people call themselves social media strategists or managers, others are known as digital strategists. Here’s the thing, the title doesn’t matter that much. What does matter is this 1) they understand how events work 2) they know how to create a strategy that expands beyond just social media and how to integrate all the players and the elements.

Having a team that understand the nuances of both events and social is powerful and extremely important to the success of your event and social media reach for your event.

As I said above, many business owners have been mislead on how good their social is. A good social/digital strategist will show you the holes in your current strategy and help you create a new one that is effective. Be prepared to invest in this person or team. If you hire the right people, they will be worth their weight in gold.

And one last thing, hire your team 6-9 months (minimum) out from your event. Just like every other marketing element of your event, you need as much lead time to promote the event, generate content, engage your audience, obtain sponsors and make ticket sales.

Step 2 – Strategy & Set Up

Once you have a digital team onboard, you will need to provide them with all of your digital assets. If they are as good as my team, you are going to want to have or be prepared to have the following:

  • Speakers/bio
  • Speaker quotes
  • Sponsors
  • Sponsor quotes
  • Exhibitors
  • Agenda/Topics
  • Location/Venue/Country
  • Activities
  • Purpose/Values/Mission
  • Appropriate Theme Images
  • Event/Business Branding & Messaging

Your digital team will need to be able to create images and watermark all images and videos that are created for your event.

Collecting all of your digital assets may take you a few days if you don’t already have them organized and ready to go. My recommendation is to get them all collected up and create a folder that you can pass over to your digital team when you bring them on.

Once you have all of your digital assets, now you can start on your strategy and content calendar. No matter what the lead time is, you need to maximize the time that you have to creatively promote your event.

What goes in your content calendar?

  1. First decide/clarify what kind of content you can and want to create
  2. Create your content (videos, images, blog posts, etc)
  3. Create webinars
  4. Prep interview questions for speaker and sponsor live/pre-recorded interviews

Once you have created your content, clarified your content calendar and strategy, now it’s time to schedule your content!

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