Social Media Event Promotion – Part 4 – Post-Event

Social Media Event Promotion – Part 4 – Post-Event 2018-04-15T23:26:15+00:00

Project Description

In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Andy is upset that Ben let their love fern die. When I think about my client’s event social media, I feel the same way.

After your event is over are you going to let your social media die?

Please say NO, I am begging you!

Repeat after me….

I will not let my event social media die.

Ok, I feel better now.

Phew….ok, now let’s get down to business.

You social media promotion DOES NOT end when the lights go down on your event. It actually continues and leads into your next event. Your next program. Your next…whatever….

Why you ask?

Well, let me ask you this. If you invested $$ and worked for the last 3-12 months so diligently to build up your visibility on all your social channels, why on God’s green earth would you let it die? Why would you completely stop the momentum? Why would you not put all that money and work into moving your audience into the next thing that you are working on?

Post-event promotion is in no way as heavy or hard as pre-event or the live event promotion, but it is just as necessary and worthwhile to the long term picture. For most event creators, they will do multiple events. One and done is very rare when the event is successful.

So, if you have built up decent visibility or massive visibility on your event when your event is over you create a drip campaign or content calendar. You gather up all the digital goodies from your event and start creating post event content. Videos, testimonials, photos, gifs, memes all with mentions of the speakers, sponsors and attendees.

So, here’s the win in that. If you continue to share the highlights and awesomeness from your event, you keep the memories and conversation going. You continually remind those who attended, sponsored and participated that the event was indeed awesome and they will want to participate next year. You’re also going to catch those who missed the event either because they chose not to attend or didn’t hear about it in the first place. Those people are going to see what you created and have FOMO for your next event. Um, hello…. That’s called….winning. Thank you Charlie Sheen.

The next question is…

How long do you need to promote your event AFTER it is over?

There’s no exact science to that answer. Here’s what Sheryl and I recommend. Create a consistent campaign for 3-6 months post-event that leads into your next event pre-promotion. When you have a team working with you, you can actually create a digital/social strategy that goes from event to event to event. It means there is never any down time on your event promotion. It really looks like a bell curve. Pre-event promotion scales up into the live event promotion and the live event promotion slows down into the post-event promotion. See image below. The key is CONSISTENCY.

Of course, we have a list for you on post-event promotion as well. Download the Social Media Event Promotion Checklist to get the full list.

Here’s a few to get you started….

Follow up, respond to and capture/collect all event posts

  • Remember if everyone used the hashtag it will be super easy to search for all event images, videos, text, quotes, blog posts, etc that were shared pre-event and live.
  • Save your favorites. Screenshot and download the best of the best for future use. Create a spreadsheet for your posts. People may delete posts at anytime which is why we recommend screenshots and downloads. Make sure all attribution is accurate when resharing in the future.
  • Remember to crowdsource this content and schedule it to drip as part of your content strategy

Document impactful moments or moments from a variety of sessions

  • Work with your photographer and videographer to dial in on those special standout moments that can be used for future use (sales videos, micro content, blog posts, images, etc)

Create unique content

  • What kind of unique content (images, quotes, videos) can you create from testimonials, attendees posts, speaker content and posts, sponsor content and posts. You can take pieces from different sources and create a standalone unique piece of content.
  • Get creative. Have fun.
  • Be strategic with what you create and how you create it. Make sure you have a clear purpose in mind.

Watch the Post-Event Promotion videos with Sheryl and I.

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