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Promoting your event online is a must in the world that we live in today, so where do you start? In my previous post, Social Media for Your Event Part 1, I covered your digital team, digital assets, strategy and your content calendar. Follow these steps first before you dive into the actual promotion of your event.

Some of the biggest issues that my team and I see when it comes to social media event promotion are

  • Lack of clarity
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Overconfidence
  • Lack of audience
  • Lack of budget
  • Short lead times

Social Media promotion, in essence, is your long term business social strategy condensed into a shortened time frame. With that being said, if you don’t have a strategy in place for your business then you can use your event strategy and expand it to your encompass your whole business. This is something that your digital marketing team can help you create and implement.

I often find that social media promotion is one of the last things to be activated for an event when it really needs to be one of the first. It’s like a race. You’re pre-event promotion is your starting line. You need to prepare to win.

I want to share how to promote your event before, during and even after the event is over. Attached with each area of your event, Sheryl Loch of Ginger Roots Media and I recorded videos to help you succeed.

Pre-Event Promotion

One of my mantras is “the greater the lead time, the greater the success”. The more time you give yourself to promote your event, the more visible you will be to your attendees. According to Bizzabo 25% of tickets purchased are impacted by video and 64% use the internet (translation = social media) for live updates about the event.

There are a ton more statistics that prove that social is a vital element of your event promotion, ticket sales and customer service.

After you have collected all of your digital assets, now you can start promoting your event. Here are a few things to consider promoting. Download the Social Media Event Promotion Checklist to get the full list.


  1. Create unique content and images to promote your speakers. Pull quotes from their website, talks, videos or social media.
  2. Share their bios, your favorite thing about them, why you believe they will be impactful at your event
  3. Schedule interviews with each speaker to discuss the event and what they will be talking about on stage.


  1. What will your sponsors be providing before, during or after your event?
  2. Where will they be located during the event?
  3. Are they offering any pre-event deals?
  4. Are you an affiliate? Proper disclosure is legally required.

Event Details

  1. FAQ’s – What are all the potential questions, concerns or issues that you attendees will be asking? Be proactive in providing as much detail for your attendees and catering to their needs.
  2. Location and Venue – Share details about the venue and city or country that your event is being held at. Be excited and be creative.
  3. Travel Details – How and where are your attendees traveling from? Encourage them to share their travel stories. Are any of your attendees traveling together? Ask questions to get your attendees to engage and participate.
  4. Agenda & Schedules – As soon as you know the agenda, promote it. Within this, you can also promote each speaker on the agenda separately. Your attendees are craving information and are excited for the event, so keep the excitement going. Ask them what they are looking forward too? Why they are coming? What are they looking to gain? Etc, etc….
  5. Ticket Prices – Some event creators do not want to share their ticket prices online, but hiding it is a bad idea. Your attendees need to know what their investment is going to be and what they get for it. When you create specific posts to sell tickets, make sure you promote the value of the event.

Watch the Pre-Event Promotion videos with Sheryl and I below.

Facebook Promotion – Pre-Event –

Instagram Promotion – Pre-Event –

Twitter Promotion – Pre-Event –

YouTube Promotion – Pre-Event –

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