Social Media Event Promotion – Part 3 – Live Event

Social Media Event Promotion – Part 3 – Live Event 2018-04-15T23:26:29+00:00

Project Description

Congrats! Your Event is now LIVE!

You have done so much work to get to this point and now for the next few days you get to plug into your audience and create a deeper relationship with them.


If you are plugged into your audience who is handling your social?

Maybe you think you don’t need someone to manage your social while your event is live. I mean, everyone is already at your event, so why do you need to keep promoting your event?


While you are live you attendees are still talking about your event on social. They are tweeting, doing Facebook lives, sharing quotes, memes, selfies, groupie pics and more. If your audience is present online during the event, so you get to be present as well.

Here is where your team comes in and will be irreplaceable.

Your team continues from pre-event promotion to live seamlessly. While you are live, your digital/social team is interacting and engaging with your audience. They are making them feel recognized and seen. They are answering question and taking care of your audience on the digital side while you work in the physical.

What does your live event promotion look like? Below is a partial list of content that my team and I recommend that you share or create. Download the Social Media Event Promotion Checklist to get the full list.

Hourly, Daily agenda updates

  • Post as sessions go live, as the day starts and progresses and any updates or changes to agenda
  • Talk about the speakers, the sessions, the topics, the takeaways

Live FAQ’s

  • Answer any questions that come up on social and if you begin to see a trend create a new “broadcast” post to make the information available to all attendees. Random things happen at events, some are foreseeable and others are not, so you need to have someone on hand to answer the randomness that shows up.


  • This is one of the best things to do. Review all the posts from your speakers, attendees and sponsors and re-share them through your Event FB page. Retweet any posts you see as well. Crowdsourcing is a convenient way to have content posted, so you don’t need to always be in creation mode.

Facebook live for stories, updates and interviews

  • Your team can capture testimonials from attendees after sessions, during breaks and meals
  • Start your day with a FB live to get your attendees excited about what is to come and to also to share what happened the previous day. Don’t hesitate to go live from the stage and get the energy of the event going with a group live.

There are another half dozen or more ways to promote your event live and keep your social active and alive while you are on stage. Make sure you get the full list, so that you and your team can create magic offline and online during your live event.

Some common mistakes that business owners make with their social while their event is live are:

  1. They think they can do it all. We are human. While we may be superhuman, we still have our limitations. You cannot effectively be on stage, run the backend of your event, manage your people (team, attendees, speakers and sponsors) AND be fully present on social. You have to choose where you fully are going to show up. I hope that you choose to be present on stage and with your people.
  2. They leave off their social altogether during their live event and let it die. This can cause frustration for attendees as they expect to be able to hop online and post questions to your pages. As soon as you stop posting on your event pages, you lose your reach and if you know the intricacies of social you know how hard it is to build back up.
  3. They have an attendee or volunteer manage their social. While I applaud them for thinking about having someone on tap to manage their online presence, it typically is someone who is not a digital marketing expert who knows the event world. You need to have an expert on hand to make sure that your strategy continues and the promotion continues through pre, live and post event promotion.

Before you get to your live event, make sure you have followed the steps in the Social Media for your Event & How To Promote Your Event on Social Media – Pre-Event posts and of course, download your Social Media Event Promotion Checklist. The resources to succeed are at your disposal. Access them and implement them with your team.

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