Journey to Optimal Health

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This article is going to be the first of many in my journey to Optimal Health, but first I need to share some background information to bring it all together. Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, but I never realized that I needed to really do something about it. I wasn’t working with a doctor that put attention on this issue, so I blew it off. Over the last 10 years different issues have popped up that I can tie back to being hypothyroid, but again didn’t put any attention or focus on it.

I’ve struggled with my weight. I’ve been judged by friends and others who don’t know me. I’ve been called a fat cow. I’ve been treated badly because of my weight.

I’ve struggled with exhaustion. I have days where I feel the need to stay in bed all day or for days on end. I need to go to bed super early or sleep in just to feel like I am getting some level of rest. I can sleep for 8 hours and then still take a 2 hour nap. Again, I’ve been judged by family and friends because they perceive this as laziness.

I’ve struggled with skin issues. Cystic acne where I have had open gaping wounds on my face for months at a time. I went through 5 years of this and it was awful.

And I always felt judged. I felt less than. I felt like I was not good enough. I felt like I needed to make excuses. I compared myself to other women who from the outside looked like I how I wanted to look and feel. I felt demoralized. I mentally beat myself up. I told myself that I was not good enough.

I struggled in silence.

And yet, my public persona was always sunshine and smiles. Only a few friends new a small part of what I was struggling with. I showed up for all of my business and work functions. I planned events. I showed up each and every time.

And then I came home and crashed. Every. Damn. Time.

Not only was I struggling with all of these issues, but I was also dealing with chronic pain in my low back, hips and neck. There was never a day that I was not in some kind of pain.

To top it all off, I have lived my entire life with 4 different types of migraines. I have learned how to function through all of this at different levels of pain.

I just kept going. I had to keep moving forward. Complaining wouldn’t fix any of these problems.

Throughout the last 10 years I have worked with different practitioners on one area or another, but I never attacked the whole of the problem. In October 2017, I made the decision to take care of my health once and for all. I was in the most amount of pain I had ever been in. I was a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. I systematically started working with a team of practitioners. I’d already been working with my Chiropractor, who is amazing!

Then I hired a personal trainer who specifically worked with pain management. Then I hired a massage therapist and a reflexologist. My goal was reduce my pain from a 20 to under a 5 by the end of the year. Miraculously, within 3 weeks my pain dropped from a 20 to a 3! It was incredible! I felt incredible!

In November, I started diving into the conversations about my hormones and thyroid with my Chiropractor and he referred my to a Naturopath. I made the appointment. Holy shit that was expensive. This whole journey has been expensive, but we’ll get to that.

I met with the Naturopath and received some really good insights into the direction that I needed to go to get back to optimal health. It’s not about losing weight. It’s not about getting more sleep. It’s about feeling good overall.

One week before I headed off to run an event for my client, I had a meeting with my Naturopath and we reviewed my test results. I wasn’t surprised, but still the results weren’t pleasant. The good news is, I have direction on where I go from here. I have an opportunity to improve my adrenals, my cortisol, my hormones, my thyroid, my migraines… body.

With the results from this panel, I go full throttle on gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. I was mostly gluten free already and I was totally dairy free, but cutting the sugar was the big thing. I also have to pay attention to foods that trigger hypothyroid, so my dietary needs just got a whole lot more stringent. On top of that I’ve got a stack of supplements and tinctures tied into my treatment plan that I will be taking.

This is what taking care of your health looks like. I could continue to struggle or I can choose to take care of my health. This journey for the last few months has been financially taxing at over $800/mo, but I am choosing me. I know that this is not a permanent thing. It’s temporary while I begin to get my body on track and healthy.

Let me be super real though. This shit is REALLY hard. I’m making very conscious choices, but no matter how much I know that this is good for me it’s still challenging AF.

Stick around with me as I go through this year long journey to heal my body.