The Importance of Professional Onsite Event Management

The Importance of Professional Onsite Event Management 2018-03-19T04:59:12+00:00

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I was speaking with a client recently and we were discussing who was going to run the back end of her event. She had 4 people on her team who are all adept in business, but not one of them has ever run an event and has no idea what a smooth, beautiful event full of ease should look like.

As we continued the conversation about the needs she had and how to fulfill them I wondered how many other business owners who are creating their own events have no one with the proper knowledge and experience to support them through this process.


Think about this…

If you don’t know how to run ads, you hire an expert.

If you don’t know how to create a logo, you hire an expert.

If you don’t know how to drive, you hire an expert.

If you don’t know how to fly, you hire an expert.

If you don’t know how to plumb your toilet, you hire an expert.

Why would you plan an event and not hire an expert on your team in some capacity?

It’s simply ludicrous not to do it.

Here’s why you want an expert on your team to run your event:

  1. They can foresee and prevent issues, problems, mistakes and errors.
  2. You assign them as point person for all event communication
  3. You focus on your sales, your message and your audience. They focus on all the details and logistics
  4. They keep your event running on time.
  5. They remove and reduce your stress and anxiety.
  6. They handle customer service issues.
  7. They handle all your sponsors and exhibitors.
  8. They oversee the setup and teardown of your event.
  9. They make magic happen.


Many 1st year event creators learn their lessons the hard way. We event planners understand. We know you’re on a budget. We know you’re trying to make a profit. We also know you’re freaking out, stressed out and pulling your hair out.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of business owners and a very high percentage have stated that they’d wished they would have spent the money to hire an expert to help them through their event. Sometimes you don’t need us for everything, but whatever you do…. bring on a pro to run your live event. It makes ALL the difference in the world for you and your audience.

This is your opportunity to work with an event producer who truly has a heart to see you succeed. Let’s discuss your upcoming event and find a way to remove the barriers, reduce the stress and create something successful.

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