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Project Description

I have a friend who has really been wanting and trying to refer some business over to me. It’s good business. It’s 5+ figures a month business. BUT they want me to change things in the way my business is structured so that it fits their clients. They want to refer and transfer business over to me where it is smooth as silk for the client. Now, these are not bad clients. They are just smaller clients that this friend is moving off of their books.


I’ve been having calls for the last couple of months with this friend and each time they get a little pushier about what I need to do in my business to get set up so they can refer clients to me.


Today, as we were comparing notes on projects they told me that I needed do all these things on my project that I didn’t feel was needed. I kindly told them that I had it covered, but thank you for the information. The big push as been to get my business heavily back into the marketing space with media buys, social and all that crap. I don’t want to do that. I outsource those services to other companies who specialize in that work.


I finally, plainly told them that my business is not a marketing business and I am not a marketer. Their response, “Fine, you’re just an event planner.”


Like being “just an event planner” is a bad thing. As if…lol


Now, I could have been totally offended, but what really happened in my head and heart was, “Fuck no, I am not JUST an event planner. I am a badass event producer who creates magic for my clients.” See, I know my worth. And while my friend has been trying from a good place in their heart to help me in a way they think I need help (which I don’t), they unintentionally tried to diminish my worth and my value.


I am exceptional at what I do. Yes, I use the term event planner often in describing what I do because Event Producer is not always a translatable word or term in conversations. For those of you who have ever planned and event, you know that it’s a dang production!


Today’s conversation reminded me how much I am worth. I am worthy. I am amazing. I am valuable. No, not everyone will see it. Not everyone will appreciate it. Not everyone will care. THAT is okay. What is important is that I never forget that I’m not “just” anything. I’m MAGIC.


You see, even as recent as three years ago when I was trying to get my business back on track after taking a hiatus I didn’t think I had anything to offer the world. Literally NOTHING. My coach can attest to this. I didn’t think I was worthy. I didn’t think I was valuable. I didn’t think I was good enough. I was beaten. I was broken. I was incredibly hard on myself. I was the worst friend to myself. I was stuck in trenches I didn’t think I would or could ever crawl out of. I lost belief in myself. I didn’t have faith in my skills, abilities or knowledge.


I was a shell of my former self.


You would have never known though. I put on an exceptional mask. Everything was going great on the outside, but I was dying a slow death on the inside.


Today, 3 years later…. I am unstoppable. My two words for this year are ease and flow. EASE and FLOW. I am truly living a life by design. I am designing how I want to work and who I want to work with. I get to choose what my business looks like. I get to choose what referral business that I want. I get to choose what cities and countries I want to work in. I get to choose it all.


No one is allowed to come in and tell me I have to change my business structure for them and their clients. And damn, that feels good.


People look at me like I am crazy when I walk away from what they deem as good business. How can you be sure that it is good business for MY business? You have not walked in my shoes. You have not carried the load I have carried. You have not purged the crap that I have purged. I have dug deep and I have created a business that I am absolutely in love with. I LOVE the work that I do. I do not dread getting up in the morning. I start my day with joy and laughter and peace.


Ease and Flow. That’s what I choose. If I were to choose something that didn’t align with my core desires and how I designed my business I would not be in ease and flow. I would be stressed out. I would be tied down to a business that I hated and resented.


I choose not to resent my business. I choose this. I choose happiness, joy, love, laughter, creativity, ease, affluence, flow, resonance, alignment. In the choosing of this is where my success lies.