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What if you changed the focus of your event idea?

The standard doldrum, 4 walled, sit in a conference room for days on end event is not as attractive to your attendees anymore.

This shift away from the conference has been slowly happening over the last 5 years. Yes, the big conferences are alive and well, but even they are shifting.

The experience is what your attendees are seeking. I’ve discussed and mentioned this in other articles.

Flip Your Event Idea on It’s Head

What I want to focus on today is the ideas that you can create. How can you think outside the box? How can you take your meeting room/conference room idea and flip it on it’s head? Once you know who your target is and have really considered what they love and why they are attracted to you and your business, you can begin to think about different ideas to create a unique experience for them.

I was recently chatting with Mike Williams about his event ideas and I kindly threw his event idea out the window and gave him some fresh ideas that he could build on for the next year. Here’s what Mike said in his own words.

Wow, what a refreshing perspective! Thankyou Lany for taking my dull unenthusiastic idea for an event and spinning it on it’s head to create an exciting concept that I can really get my teeth into!

You read and understood my brand and style immediately and knew exactly what would work for me.

I’m truly grateful for your help and will be in touch again soon to pick your amazing creative event brain

He’s now going to pursue a really fun and exciting event idea that will not only help him build his local community, but will create life changing experiences for each person that shows up.

Get Business from Your Local Community by Hosting a “Mastermind”

I was chatting with another CEO of a multi million dollar company. I asked them if they have any local businesses that they would LOVE to have as clients and they said exuberantly, YES!

How do you go after other local businesses in your area without doing a boring, expected sales pitch?

I advised this CEO to create a CEO roundtable with other local CEO’s. Not just any CEO’s though. I advised reaching out to her ideal client. CEO to CEO. Create a dialogue with other people at your level. Create a relatable dialogue. NO SALES PITCH NEEDED. This CEO can create a 6 month or year long mastermind with other local CEO’s  where they can all come together to share their frustrations, struggles, get feedback and counsel from each, share successes and eventually do business with each other. Sounds like a win, right?

YES! That is clearly a win.

Here’s the benefit of approaching business development with mastermind events like this:

  1. You are coming to the table with other’s of the same level of experience or responsibility
  2. You are able to build trust and rapport with other businesses
  3. You are seen as an authority as the organizer/facilitator of the mastermind/group
  4. You are able to place yourself and your company directly in front of your ideal client regularly
  5. You WILL close new business with other members of your group


Now, you can do this really simply, with little effort and little cost. How do you create something like this?

  1. Decide on your goal/purpose
  2. Decide who your target audience/ideal member would be
  3. Draft up a one page that communicates the overall group focus
  4. Decide a price point. Either monthly or annual fee. (Does not have to be expensive)
  5. Invite your target audience/ideal member via a phone call. Do not just email this without a phone call
  6. In the first meeting, use the time to get to know each other, set a group goal and purpose and also plan what future events look like


When you create this mastermind, I am going to recommend that you DO NOT just do a boring meeting every month. Get out. Go and play. As business owners we are consumed with our businesses, calls, and the constant beat of the sales drum, so get out and do something together as a group. Go play together and no, I don’t mean just go to a bar and drink (although I am not opposed to drinking). Create an opportunity where you can play and also where you can take time to share what is going on in your respective businesses. Sitting around a boardroom drinking coffee and eating bagels is BORING.


Use Your Event to Give Back to Your Community While Building Your Visibility

What if you don’t have a bunch of cash to do an event?

That’s totally ok. You really can do something creative to get people to show up and still get visibility for your business.

Take the mastermind idea from above and flip THAT idea on it’s head. Get your ideal client together to do a community building event. Partner up with a local non-profit and participate in an event that they have coming up. Bring a crew (your ideal client) to the community building event and give back. You can sponsor the non-profit with donations from your team. Everyone likes a good cause.

Coming together in a fun, heartwarming way strengthens your relationship with the community, but also your ideal client. They see that you are not just about the sale, but also about giving back. You can really dive into conversations with your “crew” and learn more about them as well as them learning more about you.

Create more opportunities like this for your ideal client to engage with you beyond the sales pitch.


Looking for more ideas? Let’s flip your event idea on it’s head and come up with something more engaging and attractive your audience. Book a 30 minute call here.

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