Evoke Emotion in Your Event Marketing

Evoke Emotion in Your Event Marketing 2018-03-19T05:01:49+00:00

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Does your event message, experience and emotion translate into your marketing message?

I was chatting with Anahita Safarzadeh the other day about marketing for events. So many entrepreneurs and small business owners rely on ads, email lists and social media to sell tickets to their events. That’s great, but typically there is a lack of emotional connection. The ad is about the sale, the cost, the hype.

The emotion is what sells the ticket. The emotion is what makes your audience click buy.

What need are you filling? What problem are you solving? What goals are you helping them meet?

That emotional trigger is what makes them pull out their credit card.

Now, I’m not the marketing expert with all the data and analytics behind me. I’m the event planner with 10 years of experience watching brands and businesses succeed and fail miserably in this area.


Think about these examples.

When you think about Budweiser what do you remember?

The 2018 Super Bowl Commercial?



Or the 2014 Super Bowl Commercial?



What about this commercial from Pantene?



What about this commercial from Pfizer?



I’ll end with the winner take all emotional ASPCA ad.



What do all of these ads have in common? I’ll be honest, most of them bring tears to my eyes. They hit a nerve. They play on my emotions. I REMEMBER these brands BECAUSE of their commercials. Not because their product is the best, but because they reached me where I am at as a human being.

So, what does this have to do with events?

These brands and many more like them have found a way to create raving, die hard fans that engage on social. They create fans that believe in them and their mission. They create fans who will choose their product over another because they remembered unconsciously how that brand made them feel. It’s not always conscious, but I’ll leave that to my psychology friends.

How can you hit that emotional chord and create these super fans? How can you share your message to them that says, “YES, sign me up!”?

EVOKE EMOTION in your marketing message. Move people to buy with their heart, soul and emotion.

Work with a marketing team, a copywriter, a video producer and a audio tech to clearly craft your message to draw in your audience.

When you do that, magic happens.

That doesn’t mean you still don’t have to work. You still have to send emails, buy ads, post on social. Now you are pushing a message that is true to the purpose and vision of your event, not just bland boring copy on a landing page.

I challenge you to start shifting your messaging with your team. Hit those emotional chords. Pull your audience in right where they are in life. What adjustments and tweaks can you make to draw out the emotion? Go and do that….Now!


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