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Project Description

The most successful events have a digital marketing strategy.

My team and I have seen so many business owners make mistakes when it comes to marketing their events, so we created a video series to help business owners Learn How to do Digital Marketing for Live Events.

There are quite a few moving parts in planning an event, but then when you add in the promotion of your event you add a whole new circus of crazy to the mix. It can be (and is) overwhelming if you are doing it by yourself, so first and foremost my team recommends that you have a team.

In this video series we cover EVERYTHING. You can access the video series here.

Checkout this list…..

Start Here:

  1. Digital Marketing for Your Live Event Intro

Then Go Here:

  1. Tips for your live event landing page
  2. Analyze Your Audience…. BEFORE planning your event
  3. Build Your Digital Marketing Team
  4. Social Media Set Up Part 1
  5. Social Media Set Up Part 2
  6. How to Choose Hashtags for Your Event

Pre-Event Promotion





How to Use Your Social During Your Live Event





What to DO with Your Social AFTER Your Event is Over





Who Needs to Sell Event Tickets? You or Your Speakers?

Promote Your Event with Affiliates, Influencers, JV or Partnerships

Promote Your Event with Sponsors and Vendors

How to Promote Your Event at other Events

Build Excitement & Sales for Your Event with Entertainment

Using Analytics to Track Sales

Use Testimonials to Promote Your Event

Benefits of Live Streaming

Bonus: Why Speakers Need a Tech Rider

Yes, that is 28 videos!

Here’s the deal. You actually may not need to watch all of these videos. Watch the first 7 videos as they will help you and your team develop your own event strategy. Once you figure out what your strategy is then you can pick and choose what videos are the most applicable for your team to implement.

The biggest mistakes most event creators make is in the pre and post event promotion. They don’t do enough event promotion and they don’t continue to drip content out after the event to keep attendees interest. This is not a one man show though. Remember, we highly recommend that you have a team and a strategy in place when you travel down this path.


A team will help you:

  1. Create a strategy
  2. Create content (images, videos, etc)
  3. Post said content
  4. Engage with attendees and all other inquiries
  5. Promote upcoming announcements, so that your attendees don’t miss anything
  6. Manage any and all questions and customer service issues
  7. Collect and curate content from your attendees, speakers, sponsors and vendors
  8. Continue the conversation both during and after the event is over
  9. Manage post event strategy leading into promotion of next event


Now tell me with everything you have on your plate, do you really want to add the workload of yet ANOTHER person to your plate?

I didn’t think so.

Hire a team!

They will be worth their weight in gold. I work with Sheryl Loch on as many events as I can because she is brilliant. She’s also my co-host in these videos. I have found someone that I can trust and who will go above and beyond the call of duty when needed. She shows up (digitally) when I need her for events. My clients love her work and know that they don’t have to worry about making sure all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted when it comes to their online promotion.

If you choose not to do it, I will tell you that balls will be dropped. I see it happen all the time. I get phone calls from business owners on a regular basis that say they wish they had understood how much work goes into creating an event and next time they are going to hire a planner. I want you to do yourself a favor and hire a team, a consultant or a planner. Invest in them because to win this event game you have to stretch yourself, step out of your comfort zone and depend on others to help you cross the finish line.


To learn more about digital marketing for your next live event email Sheryl Loch – – Make sure you mention this article or my name.

Are you ready to expand your event team? Let’s set up a chat to discuss your needs.


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