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You’re a conscious leader.

You have a thriving business.

You are on a mission to change the world, heal the planet, impact lives.

And yet, you seem to find yourself in burnout. You are managing too many of the details. You’ve got a solid direction with all of your products, programs, projects and events, and you are ready to shift into the next level with ease.

Who’s managing your operations for you as you fill the CEO and Lead Creator of your business and brand?





You are actively running projects, trainings and events annually, but it’s time to BE better. It’s time to elevate everything you are doing. You desire to create a greater impact, but you don’t have the capacity and bandwidth to make the next move. You are ready to increase your revenue into the multi-millions ++.

I manage operations and projects for conscious businesses, brands and leaders who are ready to elevate their brand and business, think outside the box with innovative and creative strategies and ideas that will expand their message and increase their impact.

After working with some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world, I bring a level of creativity, innovation, strategy and management that elevates and expands my clients vision, mission and current offerings.

When was the last time you stripped down your projects, products and events to make sure that all of the components were aligned with your core mission, purpose and values?

When we work together we go back to the beginning. We strip away anything that is out of alignment.

Are you dealing with burnout, overwhelm, exhaustion or lack of clarity? If so, this is your moment to reset and re-evaluate.

My vision is to work with businesses who are creating a global impact and movement. It’s time that we shift the culture of our businesses and our work, to BE even more intentional with what we do, how we show up and what we create AND to operate with the highest levels of integrity in all that we do.

I’m not here to play small and if you are still here then I know that we are meant to create something amazing together.

I invite you to connect more with me to discuss your current needs and vision.

Imagine how your business would expand if you had someone on your team with 20 years of experience in Operations, Project Management, Brand Management, Financial Management, Event Production, Design, Creation and Management with companies over $10 MM in revenue.