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Events are powerful experiences to bring you closer to your audience and build a stronger community. The keyword here is experience. Your people are accustomed to your online presence and they have an expectation that your offline presence will be the same. They expect to have an amazing experience with you.

I have been producing events for more than 11 years. I’ve worked major brands such as Disney, Jeep, Walmart and hundreds more, but my love is working with my entrepreneurs and business owners. Having an experienced event producer and manager on your team is crucial to the success of your event.

You may have an incredible team, but I’ve found that most companies don’t have anyone with experience in planning and producing events. There’s nothing wrong with that until you need to plan an event. Then you scramble. You try to plan the event in house with your team. In the end, you manage to get the event done but everyone is burnt out, miserable and now way behind on their regular work.

And they’re usually swearing off anything like this EVER again.

If you are ready to bring on a seasoned professional to your team to take your attendees experience from good to great then complete the form below and let’s chat!