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You’re a conscious leader.

You have a thriving business.

You are on a mission to change the world, heal the planet, impact lives.

And yet, you seem to find yourself in burnout. You are managing too many of the details. You’ve got a solid direction with all of your products, programs, projects and events, and you are ready to shift into the next level with ease.

Who’s managing your operations for you as you fill the CEO and Lead Creator of your business and brand?

We are in a time and space where our world as we know it is shifting in a VERY BIG way. This is your opportunity to shift your focus and your business as well. It’s time for you to step into your POWER even more and create an even GREATER impact. 

But, how can you increase your impact when you are the one juggling all the balls in your business? 

How can you reach more people when you have to manage all the details with the attention that is required to keep everything afloat?

Simple answer….

You can’t.

Let me be clear. You absolutely can, but you will run yourself right into the ground…into burnout.

You have a choice.

Keep going as you are



Invest in yourself. Invest in a team that hears the call and sees the vision. Invest in your future.

Hi! My name is Lany Sullivan. I have been running operations, events and projects for clients for 20+ years. I create partnerships with businesses who have a vision to make a positive shift and impact globally. You have a huge vision and I am the woman supporting your vision creating, leading and managing all the systems, strategies and team members on this journey.

My team and I have the ability to have an expansive vision, create strategic alliances, build strong systems, adapt to the ever changing environment of a creative vision and to provide sound reason and analytical thinking. We’ve got you. 

Reducing and removing overwhelm and providing analytical and critical thinking will take your dream and make it a reality. 

Yes, I manage ALL THE THINGS and work with your existing rock star team!

Have a VA? Great! I’ll work with them.

Have a Social Media Team? Great! I’ll work with them.

Photographer? Videographer? Bookkeeper? Accountant? You get it, right?

I will work with ALL of them.

Don’t have a team at all? That’s ok too. We’ll build a team that will be specifically tailored for you and align with your vision and mission.

The key is to bring the team together into one cohesive unit with clear goals and outcomes. 

Often times, you’ve got conversations happening with all the different team members individually, but never altogether. Your communication becomes fractured. Balls get dropped. Emotions flare up. Shit literally happens. 

Nothing is ever perfect and things are constantly moving. You need a Conscious Operations Director who is tuned in to you, your business and the energetic shifts happening. Having a partner with vision who can be connected with your vision and be able to adapt quickly and efficiently makes a world of difference in your business and where you put your focus, time and energy.

You stay focused on your mission, vision and message.

I’ll stay focused on the systems, processes and people that support and keep your vision moving forward.

Imagine how your business will expand when you have someone on your team with 20 years of experience in Operations, Project Management, Brand Management, Financial Management, Event Production, Design, Creation and Management with companies over $10 MM in revenue.