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You: Successful business owner, innovative, creative, powerful, loving, intense, deep, devoted, making an impact, creating a movement, running a business, maintaining your self care, attending to your family…


You’ve got all the plates spinning, but you’re maxed out. 

You’re at capacity.

Yet, you’re inspired to create something new!

Where are you going to find the time?

What will you have to remove from your life or business to make room for this next piece?

You’ve got it all nailed down to a science. You know what needs to be done. 

Things must change to make a greater impact and reach more people.

Maybe it’s time to make minor changes or maybe a complete overhaul or maybe…something in between.

This is where I come in. 

As an operations and project strategist for brilliant leaders, visionaries, coaches, speakers and business owners, I see the big picture for my clients, find the gaps and help fine tune the the overall execution of your business. 

What does that look like?

For different clients, it means different things.

Let me share a few examples:

One client is launching 3 books, a tv series and 7 movies. She hired me to manage her entire business operation, so that she could stay focused on creating and serving her clients. My responsibility is to source, research, interview, screen, connect and hire every team member or 3rd party service that we will be working with over the next few years as these projects come to fruition. 

Another client was unclear how to wrap her head around her project management system and the best way to utilize it for maximum efficiency for her and her team.

Another client is running for office and I am helping her pull together all of the moving parts for her political campaign. I make sure that the workload is properly distributed across the staff and volunteers, create new marketing ideas and make sure that the back end of the campaign is running like a well oiled machine.

What does it mean for you?

It means that I take your big picture and break it down into bite sized, manageable tasks and activities. 

I remove the overwhelm. 

I provide and create clarity and direction. 

I manage the team that is needed to do the work. 

I am your go between that allows you to focus on your creativity and clients while your business continues to grow forward in alignment with your vision, mission and goals.

With over 20 years in HR, finance, training, project management, event production and so much more; I bring a unique perspective to getting shit done in the most efficient manner possible. 

My creativity is seeing and articulating the details. My genius is the highest levels of operations and project management.

You will feel less overwhelmed and have more clarity within the first week of working with me. Many clients experience this within the first few hours. 

You know that physical feeling of letting go of a weight after lifting or carrying it for a long time? 

That’s what I do on the mental and emotional level.

I take that weight out of your hands. 

You: Create with Enthusiasm

Me: Reduce overwhelm and create clarity with maximum efficiency

Imagine the possibilities and how your business will expand when you have someone on your team who oversees Operations, Project Management, Brand Management, Financial Management, Event Production, Design, Creation and Management.




I cannot even begin to fully express my gratitude for this woman—for taking care of EVERYTHING behind the scenes so I could focus ON the scene and be super present with my content, my attendees, and myself. I had run Amplified Soul Live twice with a small team prior to bringing Lany on-board, and she truly created a completely different experience for us.
She managed the team effectively (they all loved her).
She managed our speakers (they all loved her).
She managed ME (hahaha and yes, I love her).
And she remained in constant contact with the venue and sponsors.
~ Ruby Fremon

Lany listened to my project management needs. She helped me to understand how to set up my new project management system and gave me ideas on how to use it.  Lany is very knowledgeable in project management and has a passion for helping professionals take their projects to the next level.

~ Tammie Schmidt-Kirk

It’s been a pleasure working with Lany on my Virtually Hijacked platform.  I found myself being overwhelmed with many files and realized I needed help to manifest my vision.  Lany announced her operations platform of services at the exact time when I realized this was exactly what I needed to launch – her streamline operations to define a clear path.  Her dedication to detail is exactly what was needed to get everything in order, devise a game plan and launch my vision.  She has been wonderful to work with, listens to understand my vision, and excited to keep her as the lead operations director to manifest my vision.

~ Rae