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Who’s Your Advocate?

Social has overrun many parts of our business. Everyone is fighting for attention in this very crowded, very saturated space. How do you stand out? It can be difficult to say the least. Here’s the thing. You don’t need an internet celebrity; you only need to attract your desired audience. If they are not your […]

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4 Keys to Creating a Profitable Event


Over the past 7 years I have run a few hundred events from small lunch and learns to large conferences and large market sampling programs for well known Corporate Brands. As I sat here today, I started thinking about all the events that I have created and managed….wowzers… I have probably forgotten more than I […]

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Defining Brand Influencers

To take a line from Jay Baer and his post that he recently shared: Influencer Marketing just hit the big time.

Coming from a Digital/Experiential Marketing background, this is NOT a new thing. We’ve been using Brand Ambassadors (known as Influencers online) for years to connect with consumers and expand a brand’s message.

We need to change […]

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