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lany sullivanMy passion is making my clients (YOU!) look like rock stars.

I’ve spent years in the trenches building successful events all the while navigating a diverse range of personalities both in managerial and sales roles.

I’ve got a keen eye to see the larger goal/picture in business and I successfully mitigate conflicts, implement initiatives and create strategies for shaping the culture of your business.

It was at Zoom Media where I honed my expertise in these skills to become a marketing promotions powerhouse. I successfully produced, executed and managed event marketing ventures. Clients included Jeep, Disney XD, NBC, American Airlines, Kraft Foods, Wall Street Journal, AIDS Health Foundation, and many more. I’m all about making sure an event happens according to plan and on budget. There is no need to waste money, time or energy. When it comes to event management; client relationship building, managing nationwide event staff, coordinating logistics and travel, strategizing creation of new product launches, driving results and maintaining brand integrity are just a few of the elements of my job.

I realized that I could take this relationship building and marketing promotion experience and share it with businesses across multiple industries. I decided to take the big leap and start my own business;  consulting and event planning.

One of the secrets to my success is my focus on time management, increasing efficiency and improving systems within an event. These are skills I honed while managing the large-scale marketing promotions and sales for multi-national corporations. I zero in on the places where processes could be improved to create efficiencies that save time and money.

Let me just say, all those nitty gritty details that make your event; they excite me! My job is to take care of those elements in your event that make you cringe, so that you can focus on your message, passion and purpose.


My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. ~ Maya Angelou